Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Use of Video

I am researching a post about UK-based natural history bloggers who use video on their blogs.

Has anyone come across any good examples?


PMella said...

There's a video of a grey wagtail attacking a car on this blog http://thenaturalstone.blogspot.com/ and of course the Derby peregrine project (which I'm sure you're already including), but I can't think of anything else I've seen recently.

shirl said...

Hi again, Roger :-)

You have perhaps a tall order in asking for 'good examples' of video on blogs.

I have over 70 on my blog of garden birds, wildlife and footage from my camera nestbox. However it is always disappointing to see the finished video after processing. I use Google to upload mine and perhaps it is better than YouTube from what I have seen. I see Blogger have now added video as an option too but I would imagine that would seriously eat into space for uploading photos.

I would certainly be very interested in discovering other blogs with videos myself. I do know of one other which you have already mentioned in a previous post (Urban Extension) and I have exchanged mail with Jane as we both would like to find the answer in getting better quality videos on our blogs.

Good luck with your search :-D

Project Member (Derby Museum) said...

I think you alredy know mine, Roger, but our blog on the Peregrine Falcons on Derby's Cathedral have used video to great effect to communicate some of the intimate and unusual goings on, from ee-chupping and nestscraping, though egg laying, to hatching, to being fed a rat, to fledging.

Much of the footage (captured on DVD Recorder looks quite poor via YouTube) but has been on national TV, and is about to be included in a DVD documentary on the Peregrines of Derby Cathedral - out April 2008. We have a thrid webcam in the pipeline and I view YouTube and our blog as a superb method of communicating to a huge and very varied audience across the globe.

Derby Museum