Saturday, 12 January 2008


BirdForum is a great resource for discussing anything to with birds and birdwatching, with thousands of users from around the world. The identification Q&A is particularly useful if you get a picture of a bird you can't identify, with users usually clamouring to ID it for you!

The site also has a Wiki that all users can edit, which looks set to become one of the greatest databases of bird species and bird-related topics anywhere on the Internet.

The forum has a section of birdwatching blogs by its users. Some of the best, and most regularly updated, from UK birders include:

Tales of a Botanical Birder

Ruth Daniel

Stephen Dunstan

Colin's Birding Diary

Birding by the Criminally Stupid

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Roger B. said...

"Birding by the Criminally Stupid" is almost as good a title as "George Bristow's Secret Freezer."