Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Big Garden Birdwatch

Waxwings by Roger B.

Don't forget that the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch takes place this weekend:
29th and 30th January 2011

Send us a link to your BGB blog post and we will publish it here.


Emily Dodd said...

My name is Emily Dodd and I've been writing a 4 part blog for Greener Leith to try to encourage people to value birds and do the Big Garden Birdwatch. I've given a short summary of each of the articles below, I hope you enjoy reading / watching / listening to them.

I was thrilled to see my efforts to get others involved featured in the Edinburgh Guardian too.

#RSPB #BGBW part 1: Give Garden Birds a Go
I told you all you needed to know to take part with Greener Leith and included links to audio birds, bird face photos, a dancing blue tit musical youtube video, photos from my primary school bird hide and a poem I wrote about Starlings. I expanded on why I think garden birds are great, in summary:

They sing, They fly (and they’re quite heavy), They have nice faces, They hop, Watching them is such a privilege, Well I always did (and so did you?)

The RSPB BGBW 2: Birds, the universal unifier
I diversify from garden birds in this post and hope, whatever you’re favourite story (think books, plays, films) there’ll be a British bird story to match. If you like foreign films, we have a special guest form Africa.

The RSPB BGBW 3: How birds open doors (on meeting celebrities)
Simon King, The Queen and world Gannet expert, Bryan Nelson are just some of the celebrities I've met because of my fondness for feathered friends.

The RSPB BGBW part 4: Doing it in a park for Greener Leith (coming soon)

Here’s where I report on the watch, we made a podcast too (:

You can find out more about me on my @auntyemily twitter profile page.

Bramblejungle said...

Here's my BGB link: Garden birdwatch 2011

Richard said...

My blog post on the Big Garden Birdwatch:

Roger B. said...

Thanks. I've posted your links here:

shirl said...

Hi again Roger, I didn't realise you were still looking for links. You'll find my posting at

Wishing you a good weekend :-)