Thursday, 5 July 2007

Bugs Britannica

Following the success of Flora Britannica and Birds Britannica, Richard Mabey and Peter Marren have begun compiling Bugs Britannica:

Bugs Britannica will be a nationwide chronicle of bug life in the 21st century. It will look at why bugs matter to us and why we care about them. It will record our continuing love-hate relationship with small life and how it influences our life and times, in a word, our culture. We want to find out what meaning we attach to bugs, what uses and entertainments we have made of them, how they inspire us whether in poetry, prose, film or song, and what we do to attract and conserve them.

The authors are appealing for people to send in examples of bug-lore:

We want to know about your encounters with bug life. Do you garden with bugs in mind, perhaps with bee-friendly flowers or a pond? Are there local names or customs involving particular insects or other invertebrates? Have you ever been inspired by bug activity, whether by a spider spinning its web, or a grasshopper chirping in the long grass, or the homely shape and colours of a bumblebee?

You can contribute by leaving a comment on the Bugs Britannica blog. There's also an article about the project in the August edition of BBC Wildlife Magazine.

Friday, 8 June 2007

Guest authors

Please contact me via uknhb (at) if you'd like to sign up as a guest author on this blog.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

A new home

This blog is the new home for the 'UK Natural History Bloggers' webring, which was originally located at

A new HTML code snippet is available for members of the webring. Email uknhb (at) for details.